Saverline 10 & 18

SVLB-10 Inertia Reel 10m with Plastic Housing


10 metre galvanised cable inertia reel comes with triple action karabiner

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Product Description

The Saverline range of fall arrest blocks have been designed for your safety when working at height.
They are modern, compact and durable and have a unique braking system that locks by acceleration, not just speed.
This ensures the device pays out freely but locks on rapidly to minimise free fall and impact loads on both the anchorage and the body.
Their lightweight chassis, PC ABS housing and galvanised steel cable contribute to their outstanding strength and performance.
Independent Brake Pawls
The two hardened stainless steel pawls work independently of one another, this ensures a “failsafe” capability if one should stop working.
Load Bearing Steel Chassis
The chassis comprises of two hot rolled steel hangers which give the block its unique strength.
BCS-Brush Cleaning System
The entry aperture has two opposing brushes which helps to minimise the take up of debris into the block.
SBM—Sealed Brake Module
The mrake module is sealed by the use of O-rings which stops water and dust ingress affecting the brakes efficiency.
Lifeline material – Galvanised zinc wire rope
Lifeline width – 4.5mm
Weight – 4.1kg
Capacity Load – 136kg
Dimensions – 244 x 183 x 144mm (excluding karabiners)
Connection – Triple action karabiner
Fall Indicator – Swivel karabiner