Truss-T-Grip® anchors can be installed by anyone who works on the roof in under one minute using no special tools (spanner and hammer). They are suited to both permanent and temporary installations and are also available for hire to building sites.

AA400 Series Roof Anchors

Access Anchor 400 Series roof anchors have been designed primarily for applications in rope access however all anchor points can be used as fall arrest anchors provided that a suitable personal shock absorber is attached to the users lanyard.

AA407 Rope Access Anchor Point

Solid grade 316 investment cast stainless steel anchor provides 360˚ swivel action and superior loading properties.   Ideal for waterproofing of membranes.  

Profile Grip

Rated for both fall arrest and rope access you can’t go past our patented Profile Grips!   Swiveling stainless steel  anchor ensures uniform loading in all directions while our unique way of fixing provides strength like no other similar style anchor point out there.

AA408 – Tensile rope access / fall arrest anchor point

Made from investment cast grade 316 stainless steel, utilises two bolts for increased safety. Use in overhangs as a re-belay, aid climbing anchor, or fixed tensile anchor


When it comes to truss and rafter anchors the Truss-T-Grip® is the king!   The Truss-T-Grip®  is a fall-arrest anchor point with a unique clamping mechanism designed for use on timber members to improve worker safety whenever there is a risk of a fall from height.  

Profile Grip

Manufactured in 14 different sizes, we ensure a tailored fit to all Australian metal roof profiles!   We also manufacture in all Colorbond colors as well as all stainless look if required.


The Truss-T-Grip®  anchor points do not rely on penetration of timber rafters or trusses!   They utilize our unique clamping mechanism that can be made to fit any size timber members.

Energy absorber

Energy absorber

AS 5532:2013 Tested & Certified

Nata-certified safety roof anchors products

All our anchor points are fully engineered, manufactured and tested to the highest standards by NATA approved testing facility to meet and exceed AS 5532:2013

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About our products

Our range of fall arrest / rope access anchor points and static lines is the result of continuous research and innovation

We work closely with our engineers to ensure every product we manufacture stands up to rigorous testing and the relevant Australian standards....more

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