Anchor Points – Truss & Rafter Roofs

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Anchor Points - Truss and Rafter Roofs

Australian Patent 744587

Product code: TG3550

Truss-T-Grip®  is a fall arrest / rope access roof anchor point, with a unique clamping mechanism, designed for use on rafters and trusses. - Truss-T-Grip fall arrest anchor point


  • Doesn’t rely on penetration of timber member
  • Can be installed in under 1 minute
  • Doesn’t bend under normal working load
  • Shock absorption through plastic deformation at loads over 6 kN
  • Can be used for abseiling
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to suit different timber members
  • Suitable for both permanent and temporary installations



The unique clamping mechanism of the Truss-T-Grip® anchor point series for fall arrest and rope access does not rely on penetration of the timber member. This clamping mechanism spreads the load along the rafter or truss and does not impair the ability of the timber member to carry Truss-t-grip – Safety Roof Anchorsits normal load, nor its ability to withstand the forces imposed in arresting a fall.

It is made entirely of solid 316 grade stainless steel and will not bend under normal working conditions, which means it can be used as an attachment point for abseiling e.g. window cleaning. Truss-T-Grip® fall arrest & rope access roof anchor point has been designed to undergo plastic deformation at loads reached during the arrest of a fall. This plastic deformation provides shock absorption as well as a clear visual indication of such an incident.

Truss-T-Grip® roof anchor point series represents a major breakthrough in fall-arrest anchor points for use on timber members. To date, all such anchor points have relied on penetration of the timber member by nails, screws or bolts.

This may lead to weakening of the timber member and result in its inability to sustain the forces imposed in arresting a fall. Truss-T-Grip®’s unique clamping mechanism overcomes this problem and provides a simple and effective means of attaching the anchor point to the timber member.

Truss-t-grip – Safety Roof Anchors – roof anchor pointTruss-T-Grip® fall-arrest roof anchor points do not compromise the ability of the timber member, including pre-assembled roof trusses, to withstand the loads imposed in generating a fall. Truss-T-Grip® DA3550 model is designed specifically as a tool for the tradesman.




It suits the two most common rafters and trusses (100 x 50mm and 90 x 35mm) and is easy to both install and remove.

The ease of installation and use makes it appealing to the tradesman and therefore increases the likelihood that they will protect themselves when working at height.

Truss-T-Grip® rope access and fall arrest anchor points represent true excellence in design. Its ability to withstand normal working loads without deformation whilst providing shock absorption and a visual indication through plastic deformation at loads imposed when arresting a fall is demonstrative of the SRA difference.

Fall Factor 2 – with a 100kg weight :

Truss-T-Grip with Horizontal/Sideways Mounting :

Truss-T-Grip Dynamic Test :